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We empower you to exercise your rights

Mental health problems don't need to affect you legally.

Offering you legal care every step of the way

People from all walks of life can be affected by mental health problems. We are a voice for the vulnerable, and are dedicated to assisting anyone affected by mental health issues. We help to empower people to exercise their rights.


We specialise in offering assistance to people detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 and can represent them in appealing against their detention or in dealing with other issues that might arise whilst they are detained. We can also advise relatives of those who are detained.

At Begum & Co Solicitors we provide a holistic approach to the care of our clients, and continue to represent people leaving hospital that may need help with other aspects of their lives when they go back into the community. Those detained under the Mental Health Act, are entitled to legal aid regardless of their means. It is often possible for their relatives and many other people affected by mental health problems to obtain legal aid.

020 8877 0242

We can help with the following sections:

  • Section 2

  • Section 3

  • CTO

  • Section 37

  • Section 37 and 41

  • Section 47

  • Section 47 and 49

  • Section 48 and 49

  • Tribunals

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Mental Health Law  04/06/2015 by NeloferSyed_1

"My family and I are extremely grateful to Begum solicitors for helping us to remove my autistic nephew from a care home and return him home. We had been struggling for a number of years to do this as we were very unhappy with the level of care he was ..."