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Muslim Solicitors London

Sharia-compliant legal services and other legal help for our local community


The Muslim community of London sometimes needs special help and support.


For occasions when you want legal advice in accordance with your faith. Or when you want to be comfortable discussing legal matters with someone who speaks your language. Look no further than Begum & Co.


We are Muslim solicitors in London, offering sharia-compliant legal services and other legal help for our local community.


When you need a Muslim lawyer in London - who can offer specialist Islamic mediation and consultation - we would be pleased to help.


Our service will be easy to approach and use, but it's also highly efficient. Legal advice and support is given from a position of understanding and empathy with the needs of our Muslim clients.


Our Muslim solicitors in London can assist the Islamic community further by providing legal help in Urdu, Punjabi, Bangladeshi or Arabic.





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Emergency enquiries

All our services in London for Islamic clients are provided by our own staff, who understand the special circumstances and challenges you may have.


Begum & Co has specialist knowledge and skills in dealing with Islamic divorces and separations, and other matrimonial issues such as marriage contracts under Sharia law.


Our trained, professional lawyers help with the preparation of wills, but also contested inheritance issues (in the UK and abroad).


Begum & Co is also a Muslim law firm in London that can assist with immigration issues and hearings, providing legal help and advice for this complex and sometimes distressing subject.


We also offer the Muslim community of London legal help with employment issues, and we can represent you at tribunals.


As we have a deep understanding of the legal requirements of Muslims in London, we can also work with you on family law cases. This includes securing help with mental competency matters for vulnerable relatives within Muslim families.


If you need the services of our Muslim lawyers in London, then Begum & Co would be pleased to help you. Call us today to find out more.

Legal services for Muslim clients