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Sharia Law

Begum & Co Solicitors specialise in Sharia Law/Islamic Law to offer Sharia-compliant legal services


Advice on Sharia / islamic Law


Our team of in-house Lawyers at Begum & Co Solicitors specialise in Sharia Law/Islamic Law to offer Sharia-compliant legal services to our clients who wish to conduct their legal matters in accordance with their Islamic faith.  We can assist you with a range of legal services that are fully compliant with both Sharia law/Islamic Law and the English legal system.


At Begum and Co Solicitors we have a dedicated department specialising in Sharia Law/Islamic Law matters both nationally and internationally.  We have dealt with many complex legal cases across borders involving Divorce, Children, Finance and Immigration.   Our team are trained to be empathetic and sensitive to every situation as we understand that these matters can be extremely stressful to those involved.  Additionally the fact that most of our solicitors cover a whole spectrum of legal issues means that we are apt at finding solutions for the most novel or complicated legal problem.




With close ties with the Sharia Council, you can trust Begum & Co Solicitors for the provision of cost-efficient Sharia Law/Islamic Law services as well knowledge and guidance gained from renowned Islamic scholars.  This ensures that all our Islamic legal services are approved by authoritative bodies for their compliance with Islamic teachings.  


We have the advantage of expertise in other complex areas of law such as Mental Health, Court of Protection, Family, Immigration and Employment under the English legal system which means we are able to provide a holistic approach to our client’s cases where there may be an overlap or ancillary matter to the Sharia Law/Islamic Law issues.

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We provide you with a highly competent level of service in the following areas:

• Sharia Divorces

• Separation agreements

• Financial and property matters in divorce settlements

• Islamic Mediation & Arbitration

• Sharia Wills & Probate

• Islamic Tax Planning & Property Law

• Hiba (Gifts)

• Adoption

• Contract

• Islamic Finance & Insurance

• Immigration

• Child contact

• Cross border disputes

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